Guest post from Lorepunk featuring Jack Butcher and @0xdgb
Chris Furlong shares a chapter from his new book REKT: A Crypto Hallucination
Let's review the rollercoaster ride that was 2022

December 2022

Give an NFT. Get an NFT. It's white elephant on the blockchain.
By Mashal Waqar About the Author: COO @VenturePunk and DAOing with seed club and RADAR. She's a writer by passion, security techie by education, and…
By Thomas Lipari About the Author: Head of Engineering @VenturePunk. He likes building cool things and is very passionate about the future of Web3…

November 2022

Since humanity began its journey into trade, the risk of a counterparty misrepresenting what it holds has been present. Even the famous Akkadian…
If you’ve spent time in web3, you’ll agree each month spent in the space is like a year in any other industry. I’m not sure it’s been articulated this…
And, no this isn't a commentary on SBF or FTX.
Web3 in the Face of Uncertainty
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